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MBA Application Strategies for Top Business Schools

(Unlocking the Secret to a Successful MBA Application)
MBA Admission
 With the advent of the internet, classroom education has found a sweet replacement in the form of e-learning education. 

In the past, students were forced to enroll in a particular course, attend coaching classes, visit consulting firms and try out different alternatives in order to get information. Undoubtedly, the quest of gaining knowledge is inevitable, but getting access to information at your own convenience is challenging- Isn’t it?

MBA Admission Process


Modern day education is not confined to classrooms only -  e-learning courses have gained popularity, and learners from all around the globe can get access to any random course at any given time.

E-Learning giants like UDEMY provide “n” number of courses through which one can gain the required information or acquire a specific set of skills.

We at “Collmission” Understand the importance of e-learning and have successfully contributed to the same, through our online courses. One of our courses “MBA Application Strategies for Top Business Schools” is meant for students, who plan to get their education from the top universities of the world.

How Can the Course Help You? 

Did You Know?

  •    Students with an excellent GMAT score of 750 or more - get rejected
  •   Average students with a good GMAT and a strong profile get accepted
  •  The number 1 business school in India is ranked 30 worldwide, and has an acceptance rate of 0.99 percent only.
  •   The acceptance rate of The number 1 business school of the world is 13 percent
  •  Your GMAT score alone cannot guarantee you a seat in the top business schools
  •  Your community profile, work experience, letter of recommendation and essays are equally important
  •  An average GPA or career gaps can be considered by the best business schools of the world, with the help of a strong optional essay
  • The decision making process is driven by various other factors

Ask Yourself-  

Thousands of candidates with similar GPA and GMAT scores apply to the top business schools - On what parameters do the authorities select or reject candidates with similar credentials?
The course will help you unlock the answers and gain deep insights about the admission process of top business schools.

After taking this course, you will be able to-
  •  Learn the ways for writing essays
  • Understand the importance of essays and letter of recommendation
  • Get an in-depth idea about the decision making process in the best business schools of the world
  • Apply to top universities, irrespective of your average scores and career gaps, with the help of an optional essay
  • Discover the ways to manage wait-list situations
  • And much more
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