Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Masters or Ph.D.? - The Confusion

The confusion to choose in between a Masters and a Ph.D. exists among the students very widely. There is a huge dilemma in the students as to which degree will help them build their career the best. The experts believe that in order to find a solution to this dilemma, the students must find answers to another question, that is, "What is/are your most defined career goal/s?".
If the student successfully answers this question, and has a pre-defined set of career goals, then it becomes a lot easier to choose from Ph.D. and Masters. Another important aspect that one has to understand is, the difference between both the degrees. Let us analyze some facts about both the degrees and understand the importance that each one of them holds.
MS in US

  • There are two types of Masters, namely: M.S with thesis and M.S non-thesis (only theoretical classes).
  • Master’s degree is more career-oriented.
  • If you aspire to work in the research field, then you should go for M.S with thesis.
  • M.S costs you more than a Ph.D.
  • M.S will take you anywhere in between 1.5—3 years to complete.
  • M.S doesn’t fetch you good scholarships, grants and aid, until you are a brilliant scholar.

US Graduate Program

  • Ph.D., is completely related to research. Take the course, only if you aspire to put your soul into research.
  • Doctoral degree is more research-oriented.
  • Ph.D. will cost you less than M.S.
  • Ph.D. takes you much longer than a Masters. 2-3 years of coursework and an additional 3-4 years to complete the thesis work.
  • Ph.D. involves hardcore research works, and thus it attracts a good number of grants and aid.
  • Ph.D., is a preferable course for those who aspire to adopt a teaching career in their field of research.
The decision to pursue a Masters or a Ph.D. is a life-changing, and all of your career will depend on the choices you make. Thus, we recommend you to do your research genuinely. Here is a video link to the site that can be helpful for you to start your journey - http://bit.ly/2aPV4Nl

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